ReadyLift 69-1030 2.5


ReadyLift 2.5 inch Front and 1.5 inch Rear SST Lift Kit is designed to lift the truck in the front and rear while maintaining a slight rake ideal for towing or hauling. It features a pair of front strut extensions and a pair of rear strut extensions constructed from strong, durable steel that will maintain a smooth OEM ride without adding pressure to the stock suspension components. These strut extensions provides 2.5 inch of lift from stock in the front and 1.5 inch of lift in the rear which creates a mild lifted stance slightly beyond level. This lift also allows installation up to 35 inch tall off road tires without concern for clearance issues. The lift kit also includes droop limiting bump stops and extensions designed to prevent the operator from over-extending the droop cycle that can occur during aggressive driving. Installation is simple because it requires no strut preloading, cutting, or modification of factory installed parts and can be done in about two-three hours.
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